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Kelechi Achinonu

Kelechi Achinonu is a professional with a passion for using technology to make the law more efficient and justice more accessible. She has worked at Law Pavillion, a leading legal technology company in Nigeria, where she built and programmed legal technology solutions, and led product development efforts on solutions that have made it easy for lawyers to have access to digitised law reports from the Nigerian courts of law.

She is the founder of TechLawyered, a platform that advocates for more tech inclusion in law and highlights profiles of amazing innovators in the justice ecosystem in Africa. In her role as the Regional Manager of “The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law” (HiiL) Justice Accelerator, West Africa, she designs and implements strategies to make justice available for all in a user-friendly manner, contributing to HiiL’s mission of ensuring 150 million people are able to resolve their most pressing justice problems by 2030.



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